Andreas Enge

Dr. habil. Andreas Enge (円家)
Research Director
CANARI team (formerly LFANT)
200, avenue de la Vieille Tour
33405 Talence cedex
Phone: +33 5 4000 61 12
Office: 371, 3rd floor of the IMB math building
GPG key


The first of (maybe) a series of blog posts on using the Goblins distributed computing paradigm for computational number theory is online.

More video content: The CANARI team presentation is online.

My first ever videographed public presentation is online.

The slides and example files for my Guix packaging tutorial at the First Workshop on Reproducible Software Environments for Research and High-Performance Computing in Montpellier are online.

In May 2023 I finished another ECPP record, this time for a repunit, the number consisting of 86453 digits 1. Like all prime repunits, it is a unique prime number, a prime p for which the decimal fraction 1/p is the only one with this period. This has been the topic of a note in the science pages of the Dutch newspaper NRC. Some more details are given in a short recent preprint.