I am working on a series of blog posts on how to use the Spritely Goblins approach of distributed computation for the kind of embarrassing parallelisation I encounter in algorithmic number theory, with the aim of potentially replacing the use of MPI. Making this announcement, I am assuming the risk of a series that may finally be so short as to not merit the name, in particular, since I am writing the text up as I try to work through the problem and do not know the eventual outcome yet. In any case, the first part is now available.


ECC 2015 took place in Bordeaux.

DJ 60, the conference in honour of Dieter Jungnickel's 60th birthday, took place in Magdeburg in 2012.


Presentation of the CANARI team by some of its members. A shortened version is also available.

Ten Years of Failures, talk at the 10 Years of Guix event.

Conférences de cryptologie pour des professeurs de collège et lycée

Petit théorème de Fermat et courbes elliptiques, les mathématiques au service du secret (in French), January 2011


Some time ago, I signed the boycott of working for Elsevier, see Timothy Gowers's blog post. It has saved me a bit of work, but not that much actually; luckily we have a very healthy ecosystem of mathematical journals that are published by learnt societies and not-for-profit organisations.